Saturday, 3 August 2013

Opera mobile 10 – Windows Phone Xap

Opera mobile 10 - Windows Phone Xap
Opera Software's latest Windows Mobile and Symbian browser, Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2, contains a refreshed interface, simple zoom controls, and faster performance. It still lacks Flash compatibility. But it's a worthy download that embarrasses the stock Microsoft and Nokia browsers.
Most desktop pages looked sharp in testing. With USA Today's home page, the browser had enough data over Wi-Fi to return control within nine seconds, though the browser took 51 seconds to deliver the full page. The New York Times home page loaded enough to let me begin reading text and scrolling around within just seven seconds, but also took 54 seconds to finish the download. Turning on Opera Turbo mode reduced these times to four and 35 seconds (for the USA Today page), and nine and 50 seconds (for the New York Times). home page took 12 seconds and 63 seconds, respectively.
While scrolling speeds are improved, and the kinetic scrolling is welcome, it can still feel sluggish while pages are still loading, even over a 3G connection. Once the page is fully loaded, scrolling was fast, and didn't leave gaping holes the way Skyfire 1.5 does when rendering only visible pieces of pages. The browser also supports rich formatting for Gmail, Facebook, and other desktop sites.

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