Friday, 2 August 2013

Angry Birds Space v1.3.1.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Angry Birds Space v1.3.1.0 - Windows Phone Xap
It seems that the Earth was not enough: in  Angry Birds  Space, the birds go into space in search of their precious eggs, nor that it is necessary to pass through entire planets in search of pigs responsible for the theft of the future offspring of birds.
The premise remains the same: you have to aim and shoot the birds from a giant slingshot to defeat the pigs and advance to the next level. As the environment is now the space, the gameplay had to adapt to distant lands and strange planets.
Angry Birds Space xap (1)
Angry Birds Space xap (2)
Each natural satellite or planet has a gravitational field itself, making the birds change their speed and stay in orbit celestial body that are circling. So it's time to hit the target, you need to think and have a little luck to take the pet to the right.
The more traditional birds are back: no red, which destroys as much as possible in a single shot, blue, which is divided into three smaller birds to reach a larger area, the black, it's a bomb about to explode at any time, and other colorful critters with various powers.
Despite being only necessary to eliminate the enemies to progress through the game, the idea is to always achieve the maximum score in each stage, how to achieve three-star classification levels.

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